BALMUNG update 2: balance changes

i've been finding that the simplicity of BALMUNG's mechanics, as well as its design philosophy of "be readily clearable by anyone, with enough time invested" has led to some of the bosses feeling a bit anticlimactic.  i suspect that one of the issues is the power of the gems that increase the player's attack.  in the original version, a base level player needed to hit the final boss with 75 normal attacks to kill it, whereas a player with every attack powerup would only need to hit it with 30 normal attacks.

so, to attempt to address this, boss HP values now scale slightly with player attack.  attack powerups still reduce the number of hits required to kill any given boss!  but whereas the original range was 75-30 attacks to kill the final boss, the updated range is now 60-42.  the net effect?  collecting attack powerups still lets the player curbstomp normal enemies and improves their odds against bosses, but the toughest foes in the game will hopefully feel a bit more menacing, even for a maxed out player.

i'd love to hear your feedback on this change, so if you have any thoughts lmk!


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Feb 19, 2022 Play in browser
Feb 19, 2022
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Feb 19, 2022
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Feb 19, 2022



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cool :)