A downloadable game for Windows

Made in the last 48 hours of the 8x8 Game Jam.  I focused more on polish than content, so there aren't too many levels, but it's in a playable state!  I might add more levels in a future update.

Keyboard Controls

Arrow keys to move

Up (or Space) to jump

Z/X to swing ball and chain

R to restart

Gamepad Controls

Left stick to move

A to jump

LB/RB to swing ball and chain


Exclusively monochrome 8x8 pixel art.  Note that the tilesets are stored as images larger than 8x8, but each individual tile fits within the restrictions.

A dynamic soundtrack (UPDATE: Fixed a bug where the audio goes out of sync after several loops.  Not sure why GMS audio was misbehaving, but it's way less annoying now!)

Janky yet satisfying physics


Achtketten_8x8jam_bugfix.zip 5 MB
Achtketten.yyz 11 MB

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