this experimental project uses physics to roughly estimate even divisions of time and pitch.


add a beat ring and a scale ring.  add electrons to both rings.  mess around.  use GENERATE and AUTOBURST for a more hands-off experience.

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TagsExperimental, Generator, Music, Music Production, Physics, PROCJAM


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gud game >:D


I have no idea what this is, but I love it. It’s like some sort of alien instrument. And it actually sounds good!

unfortunately it crashes before it even opens properly.. :c

are you sure your browser is up to date?  this is the first i've heard of this happening

it's also possible it isn't compatible with your particular choice of browser (safari might break it?), lmk what you use so I can investigate


I feel like I'd need a 100 page manual to understand this lol. Sounds neat though.

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Is it possible to download this game?

Absolutely love it!

thank you so much!  you *might* be able to download it via the app.  with that said, the sound won't work unless you host a server locally (if you have python installed, the included batch script should do the trick.)  it might be more trouble than it's worth.


This is fascinating! And the first thing it generated was actually quite pleasant to listen to. Are these symbols subatomic particles, then?


the symbols are nonsense, aside from the fact that the number of lines that make up a symbol corresponds to both the particular tone played and the strength of the particle's repulsion/attraction.


Well you fooled me :) thanks!


Accidentally spent a good 2 hours on this whoops! Really fun, got some great samples that I might use!


this made my day!  glad you're having fun.